Cutting & Bending of Aluminum Cooling Coil


This featured cooling coil, manufactured by Advance Tube Engineering, is intended for use within a medical application. In order to fabricate the cooling coil, Advance Tube worked with 6061 aluminum and used a combination of cutting, deburring, polishing, bending, and coiling. The product was also cleaned and inspected prior to packaging. With our superior operations and processes, we were able to meet and exceed our client’s requirements, and we ensured we met the standards outlined in the customer-supplied print and 2D drawing. In total, we produced 800 cooling coils for this client.

We applied to cut and to deburr to achieve a 24.625 inches length and polished the ends. We then bent the coil, achieving a .500″ bend radius, to comply with the print dimensions. The coil was flushed clean to ensure there wasn’t any particulate or machining residue inside the tubing, and the first article inspection was conducted to check cleanliness and dimension measurements. The final cooling coil measured .850 of an inch in height, with a coil outside diameter of 3.50 inches. We held tight tolerances throughout manufacturing, down to +/- .005 of an inch and .5 of a degree. Our flatness and concentricity tolerances were within +/- .005 of an inch. Upon completion, the order of aluminum cooling coils was delivered to our client in Goleta, California. To learn more about this project or others, please contact Advance Tube.

Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes Cutting Deburring Polishing Bending Coiling Cleaning Inspection Package
Overall Part Dimensions Raw Material:
Tube O.D.: ø.250″
Wall Thickness: .035″
Coil O.D.: ø3.50″
Coil Height: .850″
.500″ Bend Radius
Tightest Tolerances ±.005″
Flatness within .005″
Concentricity within .005″
Material Used 6061 Aluminum
Typical Operations Cut & Deburr:
Cut and deburr to 24.625″ Long
Polish Ends
Bend and Coil to Dimensions on Print
Coil must be Flushed Clean
Ensure no Particulate or Machining Residue Inside Tubing
In process testing performed First Article Inspection

  • Cleanliness
  • Measure All Dimensions

Material Certification s

Industry for Use Medicalt
Volume 800 Units
Delivery Location Goleta, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Cooling Coil