Drilling & Welding of Aluminum Element Tube

Drilling & Welding of Aluminum Element Tube

From 6061-T6 aluminum, these tubes were manufactured by Advance Tube Engineering cutting, deburring, annealing & bending,drilling, welding,. The raw aluminum tube measured 3.00 inches in outside diameter and .065″ wall. We cut the tubing to length, removed all burrs and sharp edges, annealed, bent and drilled one hole and welded a 1.0X.125 wall tube to it? We relied on a customer-supplied print and a 2D CAD drawing to make sure we followed strict client standards and requirements, and were able to produce a high-quality product. Throughout manufacturing we held tight tolerances, down to +/- .010 of an inch.

We inspected the 50 unit order before packaging and delivering the tubes to our client in (they are in the state of Washington) Please contact Advance Tube for more information about this project

Project Highlights

Product Description Element Tube
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cutting Deburring Drilling Welding

Anodizing Inspection Packaging
Overall Part Dimensions Raw Material:
Tube O.D.: ø3.00
Wall Thickness: .065″
O.A.L.: 15.65″
Holes: Ø .093″x2
Tightest Tolerances ±.010″
Material Used 6061-T6 Aluminum
Typical Operations Cutting & Deburring:
Cut to Length
Remove all Burrs & Sharp Edges
Drill 2 Holes Thru
Weld Cover onto tubing
Volume 50 Units
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Elbow