Tubing Fabrication of Exhaust Assembly

For the drag racing industry, Advance Tube Engineering manufactured an 8 piece exhaust header …

Cutting and Bending of Stainless Steel Angle Guard for the Marine Industry

Advance Tube Engineering produced a stainless steel angle guard intended for use within a boat

Water Filtration Systems

Advance Tube helped design and manufacture a prototype for an innovative water filtration solution

Trimming and Bending of Stainless Steel & Aluminum Tubing for the automotive industry

Advance Tube Engineering relied on superior cutting, trimming, deburring, polishing and bending

Cutting and Bending of Assembly for the Aerospace Industry

When Advance Tube Engineering was contracted by a client in the aerospace industry to manufacture

Drilling & Welding of Aluminum Element Tube

Fashioned from 6061-T6 aluminum, these element tubes were manufactured